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ShareProCare charter

Dear ShareProCare members, you will find in this charter all the rules of good practice.

Each contributor agrees to respect them.

What is the ShareProCare community?

ShareProCare is an innovation network in the field of health and social care, which aims to strengthen relations between public institutions and innovative companies that develop innovative products and services for elderly and dependent people. The network contributes to building a balanced innovation ecosystem by bringing together the different actors around a common objective, that of generating a positive impact on the lives of older people.

What is a charter?

This document is a charter of good practice specifying the responsibility of users in accordance with the legislation in order to establish a proper use of the services of the digital platform, in compliance with the legal and regulatory provisions in force, with minimum rules of courtesy and respect for others.

This charter of use is intended for anyone who has access to the spaces of this collaborative platform. It describes the general conditions of use.

Technical and didactic support for this platform is provided by the ShareProCare team who can be contacted by e-mail at:

Throughout the charter you will find the following designations:

  • User: the person (professional or user) having access to the computer resources and ser- vices of the digital platform and using the services of the platform
  • Facilitator: Professional responsible for facilitating the community of practice or a sub-part of it. He or she may also be the moderator of one or more forums within the community.
  • Participant : Any professional or user who has been pre-registered and who participates in the activities of the collaborative platform to which he or she has access.
  • Moderator: Any professional intervening on the forum in terms of moderation and vigilance regarding the respect of the rules of use.

This charter can be consulted at any time on the ShareProCare collaborative platform website. ShareProCare reserves the right to modify it. Any use of the collaborative platform implies acceptance of this charter and any changes to it.

How to interact on the ShareProCare platform?

This platform allows members to propose innovative solutions, share needs or publish experiences related to the proposed solutions and needs. It is also possible for members to exchange on the community forum.

What is the purpose of the forum?

The forum is a place for discussion and exchange, where ShareProCare members can exchange information and ideas on a specific topic. Each member can open a topic based or not on  the solutions and needs expressed in the dedicated sections of the platform.

In which language should I express myself?

The members come from different European countries. In order to allow exchanges between contributors of all nationalities, the platform is translated using an automatic translation tool. In order to guarantee the proper functioning, it is recommended to pay attention to the syntax and spelling of its interventions.

I.  Access and registration

To access the participatory features of the community, you need to be registered as a member of the ShareProCare community. This registration is done online via the “register” tab, from a web browser.

Registration to ShareProCare is free and open. A login and a password are required for the collaborative platform and the member area of the website.

When you register, a profile is created and is accessible to other members as soon as you post a solution, a need, an experience or create or participate in a discussion on the forum. Thanks to this profile, other participants can consult your various activities on the forum: topics launched or contributions.

Your contributions are signed by your email address which is your identifier on the different participatory tools (sharing solutions, needs, experience and exchanges on the forum).

From the first connection to the collaborative platform, the new member of the community agrees to respect the conditions described in the charter of use.

A participant account can be deleted:

  • By the participant who would have asked the moderators to delete his account. Consequently, the participant will no longer have access to the resources of the collaborative platform. His or her posted messages will still be visible to other parti- cipants, under the identity “deleted profile”.
  • By the ShareProCare administrators, in the event of non-compliance by the partici- pant with the rules of this charter.

II.  Rights and duties of the reader

All ShareProCare members must respect the intellectual property rights of the authors. In particular, they must ensure that they do not reproduce and disseminate the contributions published on ShareProCare without the consent of their authors.

III.  Rights and duties of the contributor

Each contributor remains the owner of his message. Contributors are also encouraged to be courteous and polite.

While administrators and moderators of ShareProCare will attempt to keep all objectionable messages off their systems, it is impossible for them to review all messages. They only express the opinions of the author(s).

Each participant undertakes to respect the laws and regulations in force, in particular the rights of persons:

  • Do not carry out any operation that may affect the correct operation of the platform;
  • Not to disseminate racist, defamatory or discriminatory comments, messages or content or content that could infringe on the private life of others;
  • Do not distribute contact details without the permission of the person concerned;
  • Do not use this platform for commercial, religious, criminal or criminal solicitation purposes or for purposes likely to disturb public order ;
  • Respect the confidentiality of the comments made and anonymisation of the infor- mation shared, particularly in the context of feedback;
  • Remaining vigilant on the content disseminated on the platform and in their inter- vention in the forums (insults, defamation, discrimination, pornography and incite- ment to violence are prohibited)

All members of the community are responsible for their use of the platform resources to which they have access.

The use of these collaborative resources by each of the members must be rational and ap- propriate, in particular :

  • It must ensure the protection of its data by using different means of individual backup,
  • He or she must report any attempted violation of his or her account and, in general, any anomaly as soon as he or she notices it,
  • He chooses secure passwords (sequence of at least eight characters, with capital letters, numbers and/or punctuation characters). It will be kept secret and will not be communicated to third parties under any circumstances. It undertakes not to make access to the platform available to unauthorised users through the materials it uses,
  • He must not use or attempt to use an account other than his own. He must not attempt to read, modify, copy or destroy data other than those belonging to him directly or indirectly.

Any violation of these obligations may result in the criminal liability of the perpetrator.

IV.  Responsibilities

Each user shall ensure by his or her behaviour that he or she does not compromise the se- curity and proper functioning of the collaborative platform’s website.

The author of a message posted on one of the platform’s forums is solely responsible for the comments he or she makes.

In the event of content being deposited on the collaborative platform, the participant must ensure compliance with copyright legislation. He/she must be able to certify that he/she has all the rights to the published content and documents. ShareProCare cannot be held res- ponsible for hosting images or content without the consent of the authors.

ShareProCare reserves the right to delete images/contents/hyperlinks deemed contrary to its ethics and to the provisions of this charter.

ShareProCare cannot be held responsible for the content of third party sites accessible via hypertext links for information purposes only.

V.  Contractual limitation of data

In order to best support the members of the Community, ShareProCare strives to make the most accurate data available on its collaborative platform on the most regular basis pos- sible. However, inaccuracies or omissions may be found. In such cases, please contact us at Generally speaking, this data is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, cases of force majeure or technical impossibilities such as main- tenance may disrupt access to the data or even to the ShareProCare website and collabora- tive platform.

ShareProCare declines all responsibility for any material damage or loss of data suffered by the user related to content downloaded from its website or collaborative platform.

For more information, please read the legal notice.

VI.  Moderation

The moderator may remove any content that does not comply with the principles of this charter.

Moderation is done a posteriori. This means that all messages are published as is, before any possible intervention by the moderators.

You authorize ShareProCare administrators and moderators to delete, edit, move or close any post for any reason without prior authorization from you.

In the event of failure to comply with these rules, they may be led to exclude temporarily or permanently a user who does not comply with this charter.

Redundant messages will also be subject to moderation, as well as messages that are contrary to public order or morality, violent, racist, revisionist, glorifying war crimes, insulting or coarse, contrary to copyright or related rights, the law applicable to databases, trademark law, image rights, the right to privacy and professional secrecy, or that violate any other legislative or regulatory provision in force.

Any message published remains under the responsibility of its author.

Readers may request verification of any contentious posts on this forum by contacting the moderators at

VII.  Editing and deleting messages

Once you have registered and logged in to the forum, you are free to modify and edit your messages at any time.

You can request the deletion of your messages to the moderators at the following address:, taking care to indicate the following elements: title and date of publication of the message, pseudo used and URL.

VIII.  Destination of collected data and archived messages

Users’ data is kept for as long as they are registered for the platform’s services. Users can unsubscribe at any time as indicated above.

In accordance with the law, this forum holds and keeps all data likely to allow the identification of the authors of the messages and proceeds to the private archiving of the messages posted for the legal duration. This information may only be communicated to a judicial authority which would make the request.

ShareProCare will delete user data upon request, in accordance with applicable regulations, unless longer retention is justified for reasons of legal obligation or conflict management.

Any complaints should be addressed to ShareProCare:

The partners

6 European partners pool their skills to stimulate innovative public procurement policies in favour of digital transformation and the introduction of technologies in the practice of medical and social care delivered in the field of active ageing and personal autonomy.

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