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Presentation of PROCURA Project

The ageing of the population, the rise of chronic diseases and the lack of autonomy, is a major issue for Europe. Despite its high potential, Procurement Innovation is still underused in the SUDOE area. PROCURA aims at promoting Innovation Procurement policies, for implementing a social and health care integrated model in the field of active ageing and personal autonomy by encouraging transnational cooperation and knowledge transfer. The purpose of this project is to provide efficient and innovative public services for citizens.

The Community

The Creation of a community is one of the different activities in PROCURA project. The idea is to promote transnational collaboration to increase the participation in procurement actions, searching for the commitment between administrations, companies, innovation ecosystems and the citizens, to support opportunities of Innovation procurement in the SUDOE area. The founding members are Procura project partners whose mission is to associate the regional public actors, aware of the needs of a population that grows old and more dependent, to the innovation ecosystems, capable of offering advanced innovation to those needs and finally, the experts in Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI).

Why become a member ?

Public purchaser, innovative companies, innovation brokers, and end-users, the Shareprocare community is a place for exchanging, learning and sharing.

To learn

  • Good Practices
  • Thematic working group
  • Training ressources

To share

  • Public buyer’s need
  • Innovative companies solutions
  • Forum

To keep informed

  • PPI opportunities
  • Transnational RDI collaborations
  • Legal framework

What is Public Procurement of Innovation?

“Innovation procurement” refers to any procurement that covers one or both of the following aspects:

  1. Buying the process of innovation – research and development services – with (partial) outcomes.
  2. Buying the outcomes of innovation created by others.

In the first instance, the public buyer buys the research and development services of products, services or processes, which do not yet exist. The public procurer describes its identified need, prompting businesses and researchers to develop innovative products, services or processes to meet the need. This type of procurement is known as Pre-Commercial Procurement of Innovation (PCP).

In the second instance, the public procurer, instead of buying off-the-shelf, acts as an early adopter and buys a product, service or process that is new to the market and contains substantially novel characteristics. This second variety of procurement is considered Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI)

The partners

6 European partners pool their skills to stimulate innovative public procurement policies in favour of digital transformation and the introduction of technologies in the practice of medical and social care delivered in the field of active ageing and personal autonomy.

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